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Nature classroom

Nature classroom

Nature can have a delightful and relaxing effect on us, but it doesn’t come without its risks.

Having been “countrified” for twenty years now, we are more on edge at a road junction in town than when a wasp is buzzing around our heads. We have grown accustomed to our environment.

We are also not fazed when lose our way in the local wilderness, because we are instinctively aware of landmarks, moreso than when w lived in the city.

Therefore, in the same way that one would study a map or plan a route around parks and museums in a new city, it is best to prepare well for a trip into unfamiliar Big Outdoors.

But you can relax, knowing that when you book, our Personalized Welcome Pack will tell you everything you need to know about our facilities and inmediate surroundings. Rest assured, we will make sure you have the information and your fingertips, so as to maximise your stay in our world.